Top 10 things to read

Please read these carefully to ensure you get the best from your shoot.

1) Baby Skills needed

Your baby should have attended one or preferably two terms of six weeks with your swim school. This is needed to build up the skills strength and stamina needed to get the best results from the photoshoot. Your baby will need to be able to do a minimum of 4, 2 second submersions in 30 minutes.

2) One adult per child in the water

For safety we need one adult per baby or child in the water.

3) Siblings

It is £ 40.00 per child to have your shoot, there isn't a sibling discount in the booking because you only pay for the images you actually want, not an expensive per child package that other photographers charge.

4) Keeping time in the water

Please try to arrive on time, however we do understand that babies mixed with water causes the minutes to drift.

5) How many dips / shots do I get

A highly trained baby handler will decide how many dips your baby is capable of doing on the day. Usually if all goes well it will be between 3-5 dips of 3-5 shots per dip thats between 9 and 25 shots in total approximately.

6) Free retouching

When you have made your image selections I retouch the images up to a point, I try to make the image of your baby into a work of art so that your baby is only surrounded by clean clear beautiful water.

Also eyes shot are usually no problem - If you have loads of good shots with great positions of your baby but their eyes are closed, I can re open them again using other shots of your baby when their face is facing the same direction

7) After the shoot - Private image viewing gallery

Three working days after the photo shoot simply visit the Little Dolphin Images site again and log onto the 'customer login' page entering your email address and personal password which you created earlier. Only you and (maximum ) 4 other mums from that session can see the images from your session. 

We cant make a personal image viewing gallery for each and every parent as this would double the cost of the final images due to the large amount of additional admin time required, we hope you understand.

8) Buying your digital images

You have to order your digital images first before buying prints and other products, this is because I work long and hard on each individual image to make every one a 'hand finished piece of art'.

9) Three week turnaround on your order

From the date you place your order we produce and send your images to you within three weeks.

10) Images and shoot info into your spam folders

If you can add our email address to your white list it will help to avoid important messages from us being lost.

Please see the FAQs page for any questions not covered here.