Please select the Covid procedures for the swim centre you have booked for below.

The Baby Swimming Company - Wimbledon Hydro Centre


There will be no spectators allowed. If the parent is out of the water, we request that only one attends and keeps a safe distance from other parents in the pool room.

No siblings allowed unless young enough to sit in a carrier

Class sizes will change to 4 at Trinity Road and 5 at Wimbledon.

Hand sanitizer stations will be available at both entrances and applied upon arrival along with a temperature check.

Swimmers are asked not to bring buggies. Only car seats or collapsible push chairs can be accommodated in reception.

Reception now has a clear barrier to protect staff and customers.

All swimmers will be asked to arrive ready with costumes on ready to go. 

The changing rooms have been divided up with partitions (cubicles at Trinity Road) 

You will be asked to bring your own bag that can be hung on a hook in the pool room.

You will need to bring your own nappy sacks and wipes – these will no longer be provided in the changing rooms.

Once undressed you will wait in reception at the marked spaces until the previous lesson has finished. The live feed TV in reception will show you once the pool room is empty.

The showers will not be operational – you will go directly to the pool room. The instructor will have sanitised the hand rails and steps as you arrive.

The lessons will be run so that you can keep a distance from each other in the water.

Once out of the pool you will go back to the changing room which will have been sanitised by reception staff.

We have removed the tables and high chairs and will ask that once you are dressed you leave the centre.

As the water is treated with Chlorine and UV light, once in the water all swimmers and equipment are sanitised and safe.

Little Dippers - Brighton Centre

Due to the new COVID guidelines we have made a number of changes to the setup at our Brighton pool. 

There is now a one way system around the pool so that you go in through the door directly to the poolside area and leave via the changing room door into the reception area.   

We ask that you arrive already showered and with your swimming costume on under your clothes (you can change your baby once you arrive).  We will have changing mats available which will have been disinfected before use.  But you are welcome to bring your own if you would prefer. 

We ask that you arrive no SOONER than 10 minutes before your class and to wait outside the building until invited in by our receptionist one at a time.   

Before each class you attend our receptionist will ask you to sign a questionnaire regarding any symptoms you, your baby or anyone you have been in contact with may have exhibited in the previous 14 days.
We will then ask you to remove your shoes before entering the poolside area where 4 changing stations with changing tables will be set up for you to change yourself and your baby ready for your lesson.   

In order to maintain a one way system around the building and to limit the time anyone spends in a changing room we are now going to ask you to change poolside before your class. There will be individual changing tables set up along the wall with disinfected boxes where you can put your belongings.  Our poolsider will take your changing mat and box of belongings into a designated changing room ready for you to use after your class.   

We would advise you to wear clothing which is easy to get on and off and that you bring as few belongings as possible and ask you to change as quickly as possible after your class as we have a 15 min window to clean all changing rooms before the next class arrives so please try to leave within 10 mins after your class.  Where possible please wait to shower until you get home.  Please do not stop to feed your baby in the changing room and wait to do this outside of the building.  

We ask that just one parent and baby come along to the pool, sadly we will not be able to have spectators of classes for the foreseeable future. 

We will be adding a 15min gap between classes to allow time for all communal areas and touch points to be cleaned between classes.  Toys and equipment will be used on a rotational basis where one set will be cleaned and disinfected while another set is being used by a class.